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Friday, March 17, 2006

Music From Commercials

First off, my husband's post from yesterday is due to a blogger-related outage. That and his slightly twisted sense of humor. Sorry.

Now onto my actual post. I guess I have a musical ear. Stuff sticks in my head. But sometimes that's a dangerous thing. I listen to a talk radio station on my way into work every morning (mainly because it's my only time to hear local news). But as I was listening to the commercials I made a frightening discovery. We have cancer treatment center here that is very well known. But I realized that the background music in their ad is the same as a local funeral home. That creeps me out to no end. Are local advertising companies that starved for music to put in their ads? I mean, both ads are still running. Anyway I just had to vent that. I'd been stewing over that for weeks.


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