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Friday, October 20, 2006

It's OCTOBER Gorramit! - Part V: The Scouring of the Shire

As ES1 pointed out yesterday, our power is back. It came back on at 5:25 PM yesterday.

There are many people in the area still without power, now over a week later. We're down to the nitty-gritty of repairs. What's left is the rough, difficult work that they're rushing through as fast as the can.

In order to restore power to our street, for example, two 50-foot branches had to be removed from the power lines. They cut them down and left the pieces on the ground. There's about a 20 foot section sitting in our back yard, on top of our phone and cable lines. I've already called the cable company to fix their wires; I can't touch the branch until then. Even afterwards, I'll have to find someone with a chainsaw to help me cut it up.

There's still a couple of huge branches on top of our roof, as well as the garage. I've cleared the driveway and the deck already. Kenmore cleared our street this morning. See pictures here.

All in all, however, we faired well. I've gotten the groceries and beer restocked. The house is clean. The laundry is done. Tonight I had a borderline-tartar-rare steak, while ES1 had a baked brie. Later on we will be opening up the 18-year old Macallan. Updates on any other celebratory activities will be available only to subscribers on our pay site.

There's nothing like a natural disaster to bring out the true nature of a person. Driving through our neighborhood during the immediate aftermath, the thing you saw most was extension cords. They were laid across every street, so that neighbors could run their sump pumps. People helped each other out. In many cases, the reactions were truly inspiring.

Other people's true nature was also on display. 3 people stole a transformer. Several stores were looted. Worst of all were crimes against crews attempting to restore power, many of whom were from out of state. People stole wire, tools, and GPS units hoping to sell them. A neighborhood nearly rioted because they heard their power would have to be disconnected temporarily for repairs. Rocks and bottles were thrown at crews. Some dirtbags even threw snowballs and rocks at National Guard troops who were delivering food.

In more civilized ages, during time of emergencies, looters were shot on sight. Those who would prey on their neighbors during time of need, or attack those trying to help, are simply beyond help. Entire neighborhoods had to wait on power because of a few subhuman creatures. Many in these neighborhoods will then assume that racism is behind their delay in power restoration. I have no tolerance for such nonsense.

In our neighborhood, however, things are slowly inching back to normal. I have no idea how were going to clear that huge log out of the back yard. We had no appreciable property damage, however, and no injuries. There's not a tree in these 4 counties that hasn't either lost a large number of branches or has been simply destroyed. It's a miracle how quickly we've been able to get back on our feet. All in all, life is good.

Especially because the Sabres are kicking ice. Again.


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