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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sometimes being nice pays off

So after Peter picked me up from work this morning, we grabbed a Burger King breakfast (no comments please) and headed off to check out a store called Tuesday Morning . We did this because they were advertising a sale on "First Quality Famous French Cookware" at up to $100 off. What they were selling were items this collection at really good prices. The store opened at 7 am, we got there at about 7:30. There were none of the dutch ovens left on the shelves, but there were two women shopping together who had the last three (1 oval, 1 large round and 1 smaller round). I overheard one say to the other that she wasn't sure if she was going to get all of them, so I quietly kept an eye on them while we browsed in the area. No less than 3 people walked directly up to them and asked if they were going to buy all of them, getting rather huffy when they said they were still deciding. One woman even had the nerve to say "you're taking too long to decide." I said nothing. It paid off for me. They decided to only take two of the dutch ovens. They looked at me and said they weren't taking this one and handed it to me. One of the women went so far as to say that she was glad we were buying it "not that woman." Being nice definitely pays off. We walked out of the store and saved 50% on a really high quality piece of cookware that we actually needed.


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