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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Levels of Media Incompetence

This photo is all over the blogosphere right now.

The caption says that this woman claims these bullets were fired at her house.

Yes, people are actually that mind-numbingly, ground-poundingly, mouth-breathingly, "believing-that-searing-meat-actually-seals-in-moisture"-ingly stoopid.

People actually believed this.

People expected other people to believe this.

People are so convinced of the evils of the United States that they are willing to believe that a woman's home was pierced by two bullets which are still inside the casing and are in pristine condition.

This is not a question of lack of firearms training. ES1 has never seen a firearm except in the holster of a police officer, and she knew immediately what was wrong. Anyone with the most basic knowledge of how self-contained rounds work would immediately know what was going on. Hell - anyone with a basic knowledge of chemistry and physics knows that fire will burn things, and flying through walls will scratch them.

Between this, or the Red Cross Ambulance fraud, or the Reuters doctored photo scandal, is it any wonder that people don't trust reporters? After all, if they are duped by the obvious, if it happens to fit their narrative, how do we expect them to treat news which doesn't fit their worldview?

Answer: They don't. With the exception of a handful, like Michael Yon, reporters pretty much ignore the stories of our own, while swallowing the proverbial buffalo bagels of the enemy wholesale.

Update: An analysis by Confederate Yankee shows that the rounds aren't even military. They're civilian. I wouldn't expect anyone without the expertise in this area to recognize the difference, but it does show that there wasn't even a shred of truth in the original photo. (Updated 8/17/07)


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