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Monday, March 20, 2006

Baking is truly an art

So today started with a simple goal. Spend part of my day off baking a cake to bring to work tomorrow. I had the recipe out, the pans out, the butter was softened. I even pre-chopped all the chocolate I needed for the batter and the frosting. I started actually making the cake at about 9:30 am. I finished frosting at 1:30. What took so long? Well, the first cake baked over the side of the pan and onto the bottom of my oven. So after going through had mixing the batter, whipping egg whites, melting chocolate over a double boiler, I had to empty the pans, clean them off and try again. This time I used a mix. I couldn't go through that again. Frosting went well though. The lesson of all this: either don't tell people when you're planning to bake so if it doesn't work you can just chuck it or have a backup plan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hence why I never met a microwave I didn't like, and why I'm probably going to get a crash course in cooking the second I find a woman who's adept at this...

Thanks for the reference, even though the Sabres picked a bad time to lose two straight. :(


2:22 AM  

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