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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Debunking Myths

I love a good conspiracy theory , especially when it deals with aliens. It's even more fun to see the myths "Busted" . Especially the funny ones. But some conspiracy theories and myths are stupid and/or appalling.

Scrolling through my favorite blogs this morning, I came across this . Apparently, the people at Popular Mechanics have been as bothered by all the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 as I have. I have no problem with debates about our response to the horrible events that occurred that day. But it sickens me (especially having a friend who lost family that day) to realize that people believe that our government purposely staged/allowed the events of that day. So thank you Popular Mechanics for doing something that I couldn't.

Hat tip to John Noonan at The Officers' Club .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated: The pictures should be findable now.

Also, we <3 Mythbusters. We usually end up taping it Wednesday and watching over the weekend -- d@mn dayjobs.


9:19 PM  

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