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Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fools?

I love a good April Fool's Day joke as much as anyone. Granted, I spent the lead up to this particular day hoping that my favorite company was going to celebrate it's 30th anniversary by releasing an item or two that I might be forced to buy to go along with my new toy (more blogging on that one later), but I still look forward to the silly pranks.
This year, I encountered 2 in the areas of the blogosphere in which I lurk. One was just plain hilarious. Another was also pretty funny, but then my wife started reading some of the comments and started to wonder.
You see, most of the commenters knew right away that it was a joke. My wife, however, worried about how many people were going to think that it was real. I started thinking about how people will believe anything if it fits their pre-conceived notions (which is much of the reason why I could only tolerate 1 year studying history at our major local university). The eternally snuggly one was worried about giving fodder to the tin-foil hat crowd. I thought about it for a little bit.
Then I realized I didn't give a flying squirrel what the gorram loonies think. It is the task of any serious individual to hold serious beliefs. It is also the task of the serious individual to be able to accept serious challenge, and to laugh when challenges are made in a funny way.
There are things I accept on faith that cannot be fully explained in a scientific way. Attempts to do so tend to have results that are either frightening, or downright hilarious. I also have a few core philosophical and political beliefs. I am very open to debate on their practical application to the world, and which people are best suited to apply them. But the core beliefs hold. To focus oneself so narrowly that you believe that anyone who disagrees with your position is either insane, evil, or a fraud is just downright sad.
Don't compromise your core beliefs, but question them. Question your heart. But, for the love of all that is good and holy, if you ever find yourself taking yourself too seriously, I can suggest several ready remedies.


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